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Specialised translations

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Translation of texts containing terminology.

For the translation of texts containing terminology, we use professional specialised translators, translation memories, tecnhiques and software to ensure homogeneity and continuity. Continuous communication with the client to confirm the terms used. The translations are checked by proofreaders who are scientists in their fields, while the final editor checks the translation before delivery for language issues.

Professional work


The files or documents that we deliver can be used DIRECTLY AND WITH NO FURTHER ACTION on your part for their intended purpose.

Top associates in graphic design services.

Use of translation memories and software.


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From €0.04 per source word for generla content translations of simple texts, e.g. letters, descriptive texts or presentation texts.

From €0.07 per word for translations with specialised content of texts with specific terms, e.g. technical, medical translations.

from €10.00

from €0.04

from €0.07