est. 1991

Translation Delivery Service

Receive your translated document at your doorstep

for just €5,00 extra

Our translation team is made up of accredited linguists.

SInce 1991 we have been covering the fields of translation, interpreting, text processing, but also the more broad fields of teaching, linguistics and literature.

All our associates work into their mother tongues. All editors are specialised per sector, All proofreaders are scientists in their fields of study.

Legal translations,

medical translations,

financial translations,

technical translations,

certificate translations,

same-day notarisations,






Professional work


The files or documents that we deliver can be used DIRECTLY AND WITH NO FURTHER ACTION on your part for their intended purpose.

Top associates in graphic design services.

Use of translation memories and software.


Degrees, certificates, criminal records, IDs, passports, residence permits, registry excerpts, etc.

From €0.04 per source word for generla content translations of simple texts, e.g. letters, descriptive texts or presentation texts.

From €0.07 per word for translations with specialised content of texts with specific terms, e.g. technical, medical translations.

from €10.00

from €0.04

from €0.07

Delivery within the limits of the town of Athens, Greece is via courier service, following confirmation of the date and time of delivery. Other areas are covered by postal delivery.